Finding a Chicago Doctor who’s knowledgeable and who cares is a rarity in this day and age.

Finding Chicago doctors who are knowledgeable and work as a team is almost impossible. Well, we have the team for you. At Colette Gordon M.D. and Associates the practitioners have been hand picked by Dr. Gordon. They give you the quality care and compassion you’re looking for. With a staff of three doctors and a nurse practitioner you are virtually guaranteed a same day appointment when an emergency arrises. And the practitioners work as a team to diagnose and treat whatever is happening with you.  Did you know together they bring over a half century of experience to the table?

They have a full support staff ready to assist in the “tedious” side of things, such as paperwork and phone calls. The practitioners are given more time to pay attention to your health. Emphasizing living a healthy lifestyle, they will offer treatments like nutritional counseling, physical therapy and chiropractic services and leave the prescription pad as a last resort.

Often, the blood tells the story. And we are here for your convenience. Each of our medical assistance is an expert phlebotomist. We can take your blood sample right in the office. Results are often available the next day, though sometimes taking longer.

Our office has the ability to order a full range of tests from X-Rays to CT Scans to MRI’s and more. We also encourage you to have your mammogram, bone density scan and colonoscopy when they apply and we can order those as well.

We also offer services such as immigration exams, gynecological exams and yellow fever vaccines. Our practice goes above and beyond the standard doctor’s office.

So, if your having trouble finding a Chicago doctor who has all the facts and even more compassion, look no further than Colette Gordon M.D. and Associates.

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