A local family physician who traveled a long way to be here.

Local Family Physician in Chicago, IL

Local family physician Colette Gordon, M.D. became a Doctor in Paris, France. After her studies in medical school, she followed her husband to the United states where she has lived ever since. In the early days, her practice shared an office with other doctors. She would use the office on certain days of the week when it was “her turn”. Since then she has built a thriving practice in the heart of Chicago’s Lincoln Park Neighborhood. Though she loves the work, the hours can be quite grueling. Often she can be found in the office 6 days a week well past closing time to ensure all the work is done.

With the addition of Jane Bang, M.D. the practice was able to opens it’s doors to children ages nine and above. Dr. Bang is Board certified in Family Medicine. Though skilled at managing chronic conditions for her patient’s, she emphasizes and works with them on living a healthy lifestyle and preventative care.

The newest addition to the staff of practitioners is our Nurse Practitioner, Sarah Smyth. After graduating with honors and practicing at John Hopkins Medicine, Sarah found her way to Colette Gordon, M.D. and Associates. So, what is a nurse practitioner anyway? Well, they are the healthcare professionals that people make over 916 million visits to every year. They are able to diagnose, treat, give medical advise and see patients with a full range of ailments all without the supervision of a doctor. Though Sarah works closely as a team with Dr. Gordon and Dr. Bang, she is capable of seeing you the same as they do. So, if you haven’t met her yet, schedule an appointment to in the near future.

And that’s the story of how one local family physician built a practice that serves you and hundreds more just like you. We welcome you here and look forward to seeing you in the near future.

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